Mortgage Lending

First, Second, and Mezzanine Mortgages

As a private non-bank lender, we work across Ontario to help people get the funds they need when the bank isn’t an option.

Our professionals work to ensure that clients get the service they need to bridge a gap and move the purchase, refinancing, or construction of a property forward.

Commercial Mortgages

Mixed-use buildings, warehouse and industrial properties, office buildings, retail plazas, storefronts, farms (agricultural and hobby) fall into this category. These mortgages are more complex and require a higher degree of due diligence. We provide first and second mortgages for refinancing, debt consolidation, and equity take out purposes.

Commercial Asset-based

Commercial Income Qualifying

Construction Mortgages and Land Development

Loans include construction of single-family homes, infill, subdivision, multi-residential,  or commercial buildings, structural renovations, land severance, land servicing, and building lots.  We provide first and second construction and land development mortgages.

Residential Mortgages

Single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and multi-family properties fall into this category. We provide first and second mortgages for, refinancing, debt consolidation, and equity take out purposes.

Alternative and Real Estate Workout Financing

Hillmount Capital provides real estate-based alternative financing options to protect asset values and provide working capital to clients who have pressing or restructuring needs when conventional sources are unavailable. We leverage our real estate and insolvency experience to provide loans to clients that are in a formal insolvency process (such as Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) or Receivership proceedings) or informal turnaround or restructuring situations.

Restructuring or Turnaround
Mortgage or real estate financing is a viable solution for debt consolidation, tax arrears, shareholder dispute, or distressed debt.

Estate Litigation Proceedings
Third-party litigation funding provides funds for settlement in cases where the borrower has real estate assets that generate income to service loans.

Receiver certificates can be financed to provide draws until the sale of the property.

Debtor-in-possession Financing (DIP)
During formal insolvency proceedings DIP financing allows business owners or companies to continue operations, repairs, or to fund the marketing of property. DIP financing provides priority ranking for security on key assets during restructuring situations.

During formal proceedings, stalking-horse bid funding on real property and other assets preserves the value of an asset so that other bidders can’t underbid the purchase price. Following insolvency proceedings, bridge or short-term loans can provide the next step in recovery.

Where We Help

Brokers, lawyers, and accountants refer clients to us in the following situations:

  • First or second mortgage(s) (residential/commercial)
  • Bridge financing
  • Commercial and residential construction—new builds and renovations
  • Land development

We help borrowers:

  •  Low or no beacon scores
  • Self employed
  • Debt-consolidation
  • Non-residents
  • Insolvency