Invest with Hillmount Capital

Hillmount Capital’s two main investment goals are the preservation of our investors’ capital, and consistent returns.

We provide our investor clientele with quality investment vehicles including the Hillmount Mortgage Investment Trust, a managed diversified pool of mortgage investments that provide predictable monthly distributions. 

We originate, underwrite, and administer our mortgage loans throughout the terms of the mortgage, allowing us to create attractive investment opportunities for our investors. Since 2004, we have successfully funded over $400 million in over 500 mortgage investments.

Our common-sense approach to mortgage investing has earned us the trust, loyalty, and respect of our investors. No investment is guaranteed, but Hillmount Capital mitigates any risk with our sound underwriting procedures and lending practices based on:

Hillmount Capital is pleased to deal with accredited investors who can invest a minimum of $150,000 and are willing to invest through our preferred investment vehicles.

Interested in investing with us? Contact: Sharon Woolf, Director, Fund Administration,

We look forward to working with you!