Hillmount Capital was founded in 2004.

From structuring to funding to administering, we’ve handled over $400,000,000 in private mortgage transactions. We provide custom financing solutions for commercial, construction, and residential mortgages. 

Our pool of investors provide the funding for our mortgages and loans, in a mutually beneficial partnership that allows them to preserve their capital with attractive risk-adjusted returns. For more information, please visit our investors page.

Our rates start at prime plus 2.50% for 1st mortgages and prime plus 3.50% for 2nd mortgages. We offer terms up to 12 months but can extend on request.

See our services page for a general overview. We offer a wide range of solutions, so it’s best to contact us directly and see how we can help.

Email the below information to deals@hillmount.ca:
  1. Loan purpose
  2. Standard loan application
  3. Credit Report
  4.  Property location and description
  5. Supporting documentation to assist us in making our lending decision (e.g., financial statements, building plans, photos, appraisals, etc.)